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***Send in one song for a FREE 30-Sec Mix or Master or Mix/Master***

Want to take your recordings to the next level with professional sound mixing and mastering? I'm your guy.

Located in: Aggieland (College Station, TX)

 "The customer is always right. You name it. I'll do it. I will put my heart and soul into your mix."


    My name is Ryan Lott. If you are looking to take your recordings, no matter what genre, to the next level with professional quality mixing and mastering, look no further. I've been mixing and mastering for multiple projects and studios for over half a decade. I offer the best prices around to make your songs come to life.

   Genres: Metal, Post-Hardcore, Punk, Metalcore, Death Core, Death Metal, Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock, Country, Ska, RnB, Jazz, Reggae, Indie, World 

Mastering (with DDP exporting included)
Guitar Reamping (Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II)
Vocal Pitch Correction
Drum replacement
Sampling (Hip Hop, Electronic, etc.)
Beat Production (Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Dance, etc.)
Audio Restoration 

(I will need stems (raw tracks)/midi tracks for your songs)
*If you would like to export a Pro Tools Session, this is an option*

Send your mixes in any sample-rate or bit-depth!

Please contact me for price quoutes.
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